Wednesday, September 5, 2018

SAP® C/4HANA Service Cloud Case Study at the 2018 SAP for Utilities Conference

On Tuesday, October 16 at the 2018 SAP for Utilities conference, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority and HPC America will present NTUA’s case study on the first-ever integration of SAP C/4HANA Service Cloud (formerly Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP C4C) with a utility’s on-premises SAP ECC ERP and IS-U billing module. NTUA’s Deputy CFO, Gerard Curley, and HPC’s CEO, Jerry Cavalieri, will share the project’s strategy, results, and lessons learned.

NTUA had a mandate to implement a new call center to increase operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction across its 27,000 square mile territory. In April 2017, NTUA made a cutting-edge choice: rather than implement an on-premises CRM that would further stretch its IT resources, the call center would use SAP C/4HANA Service Cloud connected to the utility’s on-prem ECC 6.0/IS-U system via SAP Cloud Platform middleware. Nine months after kickoff, NTUA became the first utility in the U.S. to put such a system into production.

This session at the SAP for Utilities conference will showcase…
  • How utilities can benefit from SAP C/4HANA even before upgrading to S/4HANA
  • NTUA’s business case for selecting C/4HANA Service Cloud
  • Lessons learned from the implementation and subsequent 90-day upgrade cycles
  • Results since the January 2018 go-live, since which time NTUA’s customer service representatives have logged more than 15,000 tickets in C/4HANA Service Cloud
NTUA’s HANA-powered, cloud-based CRM now tracks customer interactions in detail, improves responsiveness to payment inquiries, reduces the chance of unnecessary shut-offs, and establishes a mobile-ready foundation for field technicians—all while leveraging NTUA’s existing SAP ERP. NTUA's customer service representatives are no longer dependent on the Customer Interaction Center (CIC0), which is not offered in S/4HANA. The SAP C/4HANA Service Cloud supports NTUA's new call center with a modern, feature-rich CRM to improve customer satisfaction; provides customer-facing team members with a great UX — anywhere, on any device; and, longer term, establishes an infrastructure for NTUA to standardize customer service practices across its headquarters and district locations.

To learn more about SAP C/4HANA Service Cloud integration with the IS-U, register for the 2018 SAP for Utilities conference and attend this unique presentation on Tuesday, October 16 at 2:40pm. Contact HPC America if you'd like to discuss C/4HANA prior to the conference.

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