Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PG&E SAP Design and Testing team new hires from SFSU

Earlier this year, we announced HPC CEO Jerry Cavalieri's addition to the SAP Advisory Board of San Francisco State University. We learned recently that Pacific Gas & Electric has recruited two students from the University's SAP program to join its SAP Design & Testing group full-time after graduation. This is obviously a real testament to the value the students brought during their PG&E internships, but also speaks to the benefits of learning SAP fundamentals in a classroom setting. Students in SFSFU's SAP program cover E-Commerce, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, and IT Project Management. Learn more about PG&E's decision to recruit the students.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Utility regulation expected to increase

Public Power's recent article by Jeannine Anderson on the "triple whammy" utilities face from pricing volatility, regulation, and a tough economy included a number of insights from Standard & Poor's director Jeffrey Panger.  Panger commented that regardless of this year's presidential election outcome, additional regulation is expected. This jives with the anecdotal feedback we hear from utility clients, who are preparing for that future with better financial tools and analytics that put the data required by management and regulators within far easier reach. Managing important business processes and records outside of SAP—for example in dozens of Excel spreadsheets across disparate departments—is simply not sustainable with the anticipated increase in scrutiny.