Thursday, May 24, 2012

SAP Fleet Management and fuel consumption data

As we mentioned earlier in the month, HPC has developed a template for improved fleet management on SAP by integrating mileage and fuel consumption data. Our approach retains preventative maintenance schedules and costs in SAP; allocates fuel costs per vehicle; and derives truly accurate fleet rental prices based on actual cost of service. And all with a single point of entry that improves operational efficiency. Learn more about our SAP fleet management settings for utilities.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

SAP New GL prototyping - continued

We've now gotten deep into the data redesign for prototyping the SAP New General Ledger at a utility company in the midwest.

During this pre-migration discovery phase, our joint HPC-client team has also identified a number of areas in which the utility could benefit from a larger SAP footprint, including extending Plant Maintenance to a greater portion of its business; utilizing Project Systems to manage schedules while FI/CO manages costs; and implementing a Fleet Management solution that tracks per-vehicle costs. More on this latter opportunity in the near future, as we're just about to roll one out at Sonoma County Water Agency that will be applicable to many other utilities and municipalities that want to track fuel consumption and vehicle costs as part of sustainability initiatives.