Friday, November 20, 2015

Jerry Cavalieri speaks to SFSU MBAs about SAP

Last night, HPC CEO Jerry Cavalieri reprised his presentation about "ERP's Changing Role in the Age of Connected Everything" to the San Francisco State University MBA program's BPM class. SFSU has a thriving SAP Award Recognition Program for undergraduate and MBA students.

In addition to giving a live demonstration of SAP Financials, Cavalieri discussed how SAP has become foundational to the enterprise, and how businesses adopt new BPM strategies that redefine and modernize their ERP to adapt in today's social, mobile, and cloud IT architectures.

Students were particularly interested in learning how SAP is making the ERP easier to use, via HTML5 interfaces, and in Cavalieri's recommendation to boost their appeal to employers through the development of niche skills and continuous learning of new technologies.

Friday, November 6, 2015

SAP Fleet Management: two new innovations

The SAP fleet management project we started this summer is moving forward nicely, and we've continued to innovate our fleet management solution for companies on SAP in two notable ways.

First, we've enhanced the fuel management interface with improved navigation for correcting odometer reads. It's now even easier to make and verify odometer corrections, which help determine when to bring vehicles in for service. We've also built standard reports that enable fleet managers to track vehicle usage along a time continuum to detect underuse or misuse based on miles driven, miles per gallon, and fuel consumption.

HPC Fleet Panel for SAP

Second, we've automated the process for setting up new vehicles in SAP. Rather than enter each fleet unit individually in the SAP GUI, which is time-consuming and error-prone, we've added an "easy button" to the HPC Fleet Panel (shown above) that uploads multiple vehicles' master data from a single spreadsheet. This process not only creates many new vehicles in minutes, but also creates the appropriate measurement points and measurement documents automatically. Following that step, our fleet solution for SAP automatically assigns the correct maintenance plan and schedules the notification for the first service. This greatly streamlines the work involved in getting new fleet units into your SAP ERP the right way, the first time.

To learn more about how the HPC fleet template for SAP can benefit your organization, please contact us.