Wednesday, July 27, 2016

SAP for Utilities 2016 Conference

This coming October, HPC America will exhibit at the 2016 SAP for Utilities conference, where
we'll be speaking with utility finance, accounting, rates, and work management professionals about the challenges they face and the benefits that HPC has delivered to utility customers over the last 20+ years.

HPC is an SAP Financials, Regulatory Reporting, and Work Management expert dedicated to utilities since 1994. Our latest innovation for SAP S/4HANA delivers next-generation utility accounting: transaction-based regulatory reporting, automated line-item adjustments, unmatched cost flow transparency, one version of truth between GAAP and FERC/NARUC, and, ultimately, stronger rate case positions.

Learn more about HPC's solutions, services, and SAP-related resources for utilities, and contact us to schedule a meeting prior to the SAP for Utilities conference.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Reverse FERC Drill-Down in SAP

As cost flows become more complex, utilities today often find it challenging to trace costs in adequate granularity from sender to receiver—and in reverse to more easily explain costs to regulators. HPC America has pioneered an accounting approach that enables unmatched forward and reverse FERC drill-down transparency.

Our “CO-centric” design for utility financials leverages the Controlling module’s rich secondary cost
data, and our Utility Financials Accelerator and Cost Flow Forensics software provide the most detailed forward and reverse translation of costs. In a forward translation, an original charge is split to one or more FERC accounts. HPC CFF indicates which portions of these original transactions trace to each FERC account. Likewise, in reverse, HPC CFF traces each FERC account to the portions of the original transactions, thereby explaining each dollar amount in FERC accounts by the natural account amounts entered. Our CO-centric design creates a trail of sender/receiver handoffs, and HPC CFF plays this back in a FERC context.

Learn more about modern utility accounting on SAP, and contact us to discuss your own challenges around tracing costs and the FERC drill-down.

2016 SAP Controlling Conference - Fleet Accounting and more

HPC America is pleased to announce that we'll be exhibiting and presenting at this year's SAP Controlling conference in San Diego, September 13-14, 2016.

During the event, HPC CEO Jerry Cavalieri will lead a session on Fleet Accounting best practices in SAP. We'll also be demonstrating our cost adjustment solution for SAP, the HPC Journal Entry Transfer Solution (JETS), which streamlines the process of making high-integrity line-item corrections to mischarged orders, cost centers, and other cost objects directly in the SAP ERP.

Prior to the conference, you can learn more about fleet accounting in SAP and contact HPC America to schedule a meeting.