Monday, June 15, 2015

New Software for Utilities on SAP: HPC Cost Flow Forensics (CFF)

Total visibility into complex cost flows—to the penny


HPC Cost Flow Forensics (CFF) is software for utility companies on SAP® that provides total visibility into lengthy or complex cost flows. It enables Rates and Finance professionals to identify the dollars and descriptions associated with every single cost object by FERC account, even those typically obscured from view in between the final (receiver) and source (sender) objects. As a result, HPC CFF improves responsiveness to regulatory inquiries and reduces audit risk, with zero disruption to current operations practices.

Complex Cost Flows Hinder Transparent Regulatory Reporting in SAP

As utilities have grown through acquisition over the last decade, their cost flows have become increasingly lengthy and complex. Key elements in the flow are often obscured from view, challenging Rates and Finance to answer questions about actual costs from regulators and management. The traditional cost model and legacy SAP FERC solution are simply not sufficient to expose the rich detail typically found in internal orders and WBS elements:

HPC Cost Flow Forensics (CFF) Delivers Complete Transparency

In combination with the IS-U/FERC Module and HPC Utility Financials Accelerator, HPC CFF exposes all of the cost objects in between the cost flow's sender and receiver. In doing so, it improves responsiveness and accuracy to regulatory inquiries; reduces audit risk and strengthens rate case positions; and, ultimately, provides one version of the truth between FI, CO, and FERC.

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