Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SAP FERC enhancement project, part 2

A couple months ago, we wrote about a new SAP FERC enhancement project that HPC had begun. We've just completed user acceptance testing in the mock client, successfully resolving the utility's FERC reporting issues. We're now gearing up for the launch of the new solution at the start of 2013.

At the core of our solution is a new way of including cost accounting transactions, mainly for priced labor and related burdens for benefits and payroll taxes, to support the FERC balances. This new approach to FERC reporting aligns the CO reports used by internal managers with the external reports used to support regulatory filings, thus providing one version of the truth for all stakeholders.

Part of our remaining work will integrate HPC Utility Financials Accelerator with some legacy programs that the customer has had in place for FERC reporting since their initial launch of SAP in the late 1990's. We've designed and volume tested a solution that will make their FERC requirements easier to meet as they apply for ISO status in the next year or so.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanks from SFSU student about HPC presentation

Last week, HPC CEO Jerry Cavalieri presented to the MBA candidates at SFSU. We received kind thanks from one student, who wrote, "It was such a great pleasure having you as a guest speaker in our Information Systems class last evening at SFSU DTC. You presented an interesting, rich, and invaluable presentation about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the significant contribution it can make to business processes and ROI. Thank you!"