Monday, March 23, 2015

SAP Financials Conference recap

After ninety-something demonstrations of the HPC Journal Entry Transfer Solution, casino bells still ringing in our ears, we're back in the office. The 2015 SAP Financials conference was a great opportunity to talk with SAP users in finance and accounting, and those in IT who support them, about their pain points and HPC's 20 years of experience eliminating such discomfort.

We met people from all over the country and across a broad range of industries. Since HPC JETS reduces the time and expense of correcting mischarged cost objects directly in the ERP for any company running SAP Financials, it was relevant to just about everyone we met. Some GRC folks didn't quite get it, and others are part of such large enterprises they're far removed from the problems JETS solves, but after a two-minute demo we saw most heads nod in appreciation.

On the utility front, we also had the pleasure of meeting more finance staff from one prospective customer that we've chatted with over the last two years, and talking extensively with another customer whose SAP FERC optimization project with HPC Utility Financials Accelerator starts next week.

And the biggest draw of the show? Our friendly SAP finance experts.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SAP Financials 2015: Meet in HPC in Vegas at Booth #1150

Just two weeks from now, we'll be setting up our shiny new trade show booth at the 2015 SAP Financials conference in Las Vegas. We'll be in Booth #1150 across from the dining area, and you probably won't miss our...unconventional...presence.

In advance of the conference, we have one question for any company running SAP Financials:

How much time and money are you spending every year to identify and correct mischarged orders, cost centers, and other cost objects?

Could it be 1.0 FTE? 2.0? Or even more when you factor in everyone involved in your process?

To reduce this expense and make better use of your resources, HPC has developed a more efficient, cost effective solution that will save you money: the HPC Journal Entry Transfer Solution (JETS).

HPC JETS is an ABAP-based application that runs inside SAP ECC and minimizes reliance on finance solutions and processes outside your ERP. It enables you to find mischarged orders, cost centers, and other cost objects; correct them via standard SAP parking and posting functionality; and then audit the results of your adjustments directly in SAP. In this way, HPC JETS dramatically reduces the time, expense, and risk of cost corrections, while improving data integrity compared to lump-sum journal entries that lose valuable detail.

To see how much JETS achieves with so little effort, stop by HPC's booth at SAP Financials for a five-minute product demonstration. In the meantime, you can learn more about JETS or contact us to schedule a meeting at SAP Financials 2015.

Webinar recording: SAP Controlling Best Practices

If you missed our Webinar on SAP Controlling best practices for utilities, hosted by ERP Corp. on February 20, 2015, you can watch it online anytime. Many thanks again to John Jordan and Alice Adams for making this virtual event a success.

Based on our 20+ years of experience optimizing SAP Financials for utility companies, HPC CEO Jerry Cavalieri presented these six recommendations:
  1. Shorten and simplify cost flows
  2. Minimize summarization
  3. Support FERC with CO documents
  4. Push costs to the facility level
  5. Use assessments to feed overheads
  6. Prepare for line item reporting
See the SAP Controlling Webinar for utilities and contact HPC to discuss any of the topics we covered.